Hello world!

Hello World!, I’m Shaan this being the first post which comes as a sample when one installs WordPress for the first time. I don’t want to remove this but rather keep it and just give you a short brief about myself and about plans about this site. I know these kind of post are kind of boring but I will try my level best you to keep it short and simple.

I am from India since my childhood I was always fascinated by computers. My first experience with the computers was in my school days which at the time was a luxury. We had MS-DOS at that time, the floppy disk was used for data transfer. Prince and Wolf 3D were the games played on computers, those were some good old days. I remember for using the internet we used to be charged by the minute. That was the time I wanted a piece of the digital world.

In in past, I did work on some very fascinating digital projects, which are still up and running, but I am not here to talk about them. I am here to tell you about starting Name Essence for the cyber world and the main focus would be creating digital assets for myself and for others. The easiest way to start in the digital asset class is to buy good domain names. I have already started doing that, next would be crypto and value creation. We see how this pans out. There is still a lot that is to be done and I am very excited about the future journey. I hope to meet and catch up with you in the future, until then.

Be Happy and Keep Smiling!!

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